About Us

Who we are?

Anexas means ‘Attached’ in Portuguese and Spanish. Anexas is a global network of attached professionals and organizations serving a wide spectrum of industries. We operate in 50 countries and have more than 1000 professionals working with member firms and partners around the world. Innovative, daring, ahead-of-times, visionary are some of the epithets used for Anexas in the media in the past one and a half decade because of its fast growth and high customer satisfaction achieved. Anexas is a trusted name and to certify professionals, we stick to rigorous guidelines. Every test taker is carefully proctored by Anexas approved proctors.

Anexas Certifications

Copenhagen based Anexas Europe globally provides professional credentials in Lean Six Sigma, Scrum, AI, BI, marketing, Robotics, Quality, safety, process automation, balanced scorecard, data analytics, business process management and various other courses. To know more about Anexas certifications, click here.

Vision and Mission

Core Values

Why are Anexas Certificates preferred?

Copenhagen based Anexas is a trusted name over the last 2 decades. Anexas certifications have been accepted by multinational organizations worldwide. More than 150000 professionals after getting certified from Anexas are placed in reputed multinationals. The credentials of Anexas certified professionals are verifiable on Anexas website.