Certified Quality Manufacturing Expert - CQME

Anexas CQME is one of the top certifications for those in the manufacturing industry or those who aim to be a part of the manufacturing sector. The CQME credential signifies both professional and academic achievement for those who want to pursue a career in manufacturing quality and safety. These professionals have the ability to maintain the standards of manufacturing and solve problems related to quality and safety. Becoming an Anexas CQME provides global quality and safety recognition.

Certification Testing

Anexas CQME exam contains 150 questions that need to be answered in 3.5 hours. An additional 10 non-scored questions will also be added in your Anexas CQME examination. The questions are of multiple-choice and true/false type and cover questions from major segments of the manufacturing quality and safety topics and are administered in more than 1,000 Testing Centers located around the world.


Upon successfully passing the exam, professionals will receive Anexas CQME certificate issued by the Anexas. Anexas is a Copenhagen based, globally recognized independent third-party certifying body. Anexas has certified over 150,000 professionals and aims to keep the quality of their certification exam high.

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